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 Sun and moon JD embellishes your events

Abiti sposa Sun & Moon JD

Stopping to look at ordinary things in an extraordinary way is what fascinates me most, what I find inspiration from. An innate predisposition on one hand and a great job on the other have made me every day more imperfect and out of the ordinary.

This is a creative world made up of feelings and passions, of colors and scents, of dedication. The important thing is to create the event you want, respect your dream and make it real.

In doing so, of course, I'm not alone. Over time, we have built a professional and close-knit team to give shape to your wishes, as I have always believed that the secret of a winning team is to enhance the abilities of individuals in a context of profound cohesion. We live our work with passion and a strong sense of responsibility with the aim of meeting your expectations and pleasantly surprising you.

We are ready to let you experience the most beautiful and important day of your life: close your eyes, try to imagine it, make a wish and we'll take care of making it a reality!

Valeria posa per Sun & Moon JD

What does a wedding planner mainly do?


A wp is a qualified professional figure at your service, ready to support you, advise you, help you keep calm on your big day; ready to involve you in the most pleasant part of the organization such as tasting the menu or trying thewedding dresses. More simply, the wp is entrusted with carrying out the organizational part (bureaucratic procedures, setting up the church and the location, packing the booklets,  realization of thefavors, cadeaux de mariages, tableau, confettata, briefing and supplier recall, sending ofwedding invitationsto guests, organization of transfers and movements, coordination and fil rouge of the big day).

The wp will also take care of making you keep every single item of expenditure in your budget under control; will be a real point of reference for any questions, doubts and requests for both you and your guests before, during and after the wedding.


The wedding planner can be a valid figure to save on some wedding details


Thanks to consolidated relationships with suppliers of goods and services, a professional wp will be able to guarantee you an accurate selection, a wide range of possibilities and advantageous prices that would not be accessible to individual married couples.


What is the coordination of a wedding planner during the wedding?


Together with the spouses, the time line of the day is defined where the times, the most important moments, and more are outlined. It will be the responsibility of the wp to coordinate all the various suppliers to ensure that everything proceeds as the bride and groom wish, who will only have to fully enjoy their big day.


What happens once you get married?


The figure of the wp is also fundamental after the wedding: taking care of sending thank-you cards, helping with logistics, with the honeymoon, coordinating the wedding list, drafting the photo shoot and producing the video.

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