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The UniVenice dress represents a tribute that the Sicilian-born designer Floriana Alletto wants to pay to her adopted city, Venice.

UniVenice is a celebratory, iconic and esoteric dress.

The mystery of life is celebrated, a magic, like Venice is in this elusive and enigmatic universe, hidden by the veil of a black and infinite night, illuminated only by the celestial stars: the moon and the twelve constellations of stars declined by the zodiac.

 UniVenice is the icon of a city which, through some of its best-known symbols, the gondola's mask and silver combs, oozes with anecdotes and legends.

The four elements, water, air, earth and fire are placed on the edge of the skirt, in an off-centre but perceptible position, a metaphor for an invisible and at the same time tangible esotericism in every corner of the city. Just below the neck appears the symbol of the fifth element, the spirit, the essence of life, Ariadne's thread for those who do not want to fall into oblivion, a prisoner of darkness.

The drapes and the use of a refined damask fabric give UniVenice a dynamism and a sensuality that blend with the elegance inherent in every garment signed by Sun & Moon JD.

The dress has a black-silver livery since the black represents that touch of darkness that gives light to the shapes while the silver of the damask fabric gives brightness and refinement to the whole in respect of the classic color with which the comb embellishes the iconic Venetian boat. A crowned lion's head opens the way to a deep slit that departs from a drapery and gives space to the sensual curves of the half moon.

The crown and the drapery are a tribute to female Venice, the undisputed queen of a kingdom that has historically seen her as a protagonist for centuries under the elegant denomination of Serenissima.

In addition to the small head of the crowned lion, there is deliberately only one accessory accompanying the dress: a genesa-shaped handbag created for Sun & Moon JD by AYN Visione Olistica by Ilaria Barlese: the livery, the reference to the lion and the shape spherical, whose imperfect geometry generates an oxymoron that magnifies this highly original bag, blend perfectly with the symbolism of the dress, an expression of Italian artistic genius.

Martina Mazzotta, Venetian model, wears “UniVenice” created by the Venetian fashion house Sun & Moon JD

 Dear customers, Sun & Moon JD is pleased to announce the opening of its new atelier!
Come and visit us on Saturday morning or every afternoon, from Tuesday to Friday between 3.30pm and 7.30pm; it is possible to visit the atelier also in the mornings from Monday to Friday as long as by appointment!
We are waiting for you from September 24th in Spinea (VE), via Matteotti 17 / b

The artistic jewels created with the techniques of Quilling, Soutache, Dot Art and micro-macramé will open a window on the expressive techniques of the brand: elegant and refined clothes, refined accessories and full of references to the Italian artisan tradition complete the offer of unique pieces Sun & Moon JD. You can get a taste of all this on the gallery, photo shooting and Facebook pages. 

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