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A Venice photoshooting with Ilian Rachov and his unmistakable Foulards

Aggiornamento: 20 mag 2019

What can arise from the meeting between Ilian Rachov, designer of Versace, Floriana Alletto, fashion designer of Sun & Moon JD, Valentina Pinto, photographer of La Veste di Sabbia, and the Venetian "doc" Martina Dogà, influencer-model? Well ... I try to tell you.

Despite the rainy and gloomy day, which in spring brought only the date, we arranged to meet in "the city of the Doge", putting us with childish enthusiasm between narrow Venetian streets like we were, to tell it with the words of the singer Gino Paoli, "four friends in Venice who wanted to change the world".

The background charge that accompanied us in this wet photoshooting probably came from the awareness of being in full harmony with her, the Venice that makes its own style of water.

And so, the lagoon city, welcomed us with joy, observing with his attentive eye the traits that each of us had brought with him to pay tribute to him: Ilian Rachov's scarves, among which stood an energetic combination of red and gilded, a combination dear to the "Serenissima" Republic of Venice, enriched by the reassuring presence of feline speckles which together with the proud face of the lion protected the beautiful Martina; I have made available a modern dress, with the front slit that recalls the features of the Venetian bridge, and a color, black, chosen to enhance the contrast with the bright shades of Ilian's scarves. And Valentina Pinto? Well ... she is a photographer who brings herself to Venice, as she is as romantic and picturesque as her hometown: Valentina's shots have perpetuated the bright colors and gifts of the scarves highlighted by a background of melancholy white-gray natural shades , offered by the stone of the Rialto bridge, and by the leaden sky.

And finally you, Martina Dogà, who, as a good influencer, even managed to find an agreement with the weather: to him, the right to wrap our damp shoulders with a blanket of cinerine clouds, to her, the honor of a blue mantle and gold signed Ilian Rachov. "Lord you are born" he told me, "and I ... Modestly I was born!"

Here I want to thank Ilian Rachov, an educated, noble and brilliant person, for this wonderful collaboration that saw the birth of a symbiosis between my garments and his unmistakable foulards.

Finally I thank Martina Dogà, for having collaborated on this initiative and Valentina Pinto, of La Veste di Sabbia, for having once again immortalized in iconic images what our eye saw escaping in an "Amen".

Public relation and marketing office

Sun & Moon JD

Dr. Eugenio Bolzonella

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