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Sun & Moon JD al “Napoli ModaDesign”

Aggiornamento: 20 mag 2019

VENEZIA meets NAPLES on the catwalk: Jewels & Dresses fashion show

On April 28th, Sun & Moon JD was honored to present its own creations on the catwalk at the prestigious Palazzo dei Congressi in Naples.

Using a metaphor, I can say that it was a radiant wedding and partnership between two cities, Venice and Naples, united by being a maritime city and sharing an enormous artistic wealth while being expressed in different styles.

With this fashion show, Sun & Moon JD took the opportunity to bring Venetian styles, dear to its brand, in a welcoming and, as always, sunny Naples.

He did it through the fabrics, ornaments and colors that characterize the brand.

Silk, organza, satin, tulle have given the clothes on the catwalk elegance, refinement and refinement amplified by a clever use of pearl ornaments and Venetian glass “conteria”.

Decorations with sophisticated dotted lace geometries further recalled the idea of ​​the noble environment that filled the festive halls of the splendid buildings lying on the Grand Canal of the Serenissima.

The choice of colors has confirmed the desire to create an ideal bridge between the two cities of art: the cardinal red and the gilded, official colors of the Dogal Republic, have been flanked by soft orange and blue shades to recall the solar environment that envelops the Neapolitan city.

And then, black could not be missing, that touch of darkness that gives light to forms, a symbol of femininity, seduction and mystery, further enhanced by the use of Venetian masks that hid the face of wonderful models without covering the bewitching and magnetic gaze.

Finally, Sun & Moon JD has brought with it other elements that characterize its own brand, what are the references to natural elements, going from tenuous green tones that recalled nature in the "purple" dress "oasis" associated with one of the most mineral loved as Amethyst.

As always, masterfully coordinated by the journalist Barbara Castellani and accompanied by the powerful and harmonious voice of tenor Giuseppe Gambi, the show highlighted 11 unique, unrepeatable creations dedicated to the woman who loves to emphasize her individuality, as Sun & Moon JD is “ a choice unlike any other ”.

At the end of the parade, a competent and numerous public warmly applauded the designer Floriana Alletto, visibly moved and struck by a Naples that entered her heart. At her side, the testimonial of the event Chiara Stile, semi-finalist in the Miss Italia 2018 competition, who walked in the flagship dress "Princess", and Natascia Ummaro, model that she wore the creation "Dark Lady" embellished with a magnificent Venetian mask created by Fiorella Del Ben of "Ca 'Macana Venezia".

Public relations and Marketing Sun & Moon JD

Dr. Eugenio Bolzonella

Photo: U.R.F. PRODUCTION di Umberto Raia

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